About pua


Pua means flower in the Hawaiian language


Shala Daniel is the creative mind, hands and heart behind Pua.  Inspired by shimmering gemstones and silky soft textures, the clothing and jewelry she creates are for long days at the beach spending time relaxing time in the sun.


She use the best natural materials, organic bamboo jerseys, Indian cottons and Italian linen.  Jewelry is made with 14k gold and sterling silver unless noted.  Shala's favorite gems are turquoise, diamonds, prehnite, opals, labradorite and moonstones.  She uses recycled metals whenever possible.


After years of cutting and sewing Shala had an idea to use the fabric scraps to create handmade dolls for a waste free studio, and thus Klukie & Spunk were born.  They have epic adventures.  She has also started Seattle Doll Project, this is a program to get soft cuddly handmade toys to children in need.


Shala 's favorite dessert is pie, which she love to make.
Her favorite places on earth are Seattle and Maui, to which she devotes much of her time along with her husband and two cats.

We hope you have the feeling of being at the beach and       wearing sunshine when you are wearing Pua.  It's meant to be relaxed, fun and beautiful!


                        It's always summer at Pua