A New Beginning

A new year, a fresh start and I can not wait! I welcome 2018 wholeheartedly.

Pua has been my dream adventure but this year some things will change. As you know, I have been focused on the jewelry aspect of my work in this last year and thus I have decided to  concentrate on it solely. The decision to discontinue my handmade clothing line has been a hard and difficult choice to make but the right one for me. It gives me more time to focus on creating fine jewelry and running a web business. 

Still wanting to have handmade clothing, I've searched for talents that I think represents my dream for Pua as a designer and now it will be even better! I CAN NOT WAIT! Dresses, skirts and tops for the beach and sunny days in soft, floaty cottons and silks. Embellished with hand stitching or beading that makes each piece special! 

We've also added a home accessories and vintage finds to the shop!

At this point, we are still adding and refining but that's what makes it so much fun, right? And I'm sure I'll stumble upon some beautiful fabrics that I will have to have and make Pua dresses or tops, so it's never really over is it... just a different approach.

Thank you for the continued love you've given us over the years and have a Happy New Year!

Aloha Always