The story of Injiri

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite designers, Chinar Farooqui, the heart behind Injiri. 

Chinar first attended MS University Baroda where she studied fine arts, then in 2001 she joined the Textile Design department at National Institute of Design.  Realising her potential in the world of design, fueled the concept to merge traditional dress of rural India with the modern sense of style that actively supports local weavers who are struggling to compete in the world economy.

Today, working from her studio in Jaipur, Chinar has developed a network of hand-loom collectives across India, from Gujarat to West Bengal who work with organic cottons and natural dyes to produce a range of exquisite handmade textiles achieving textures and patterns that tells a story of the place they originate from, “I would never be able to uproot weavers and have in-house production of textiles that actually have geographical significance. It is the biggest challenge as well our biggest strength.” says Chinar and so introduces the beauty and potential of slow fashion. 

One of her latest collection called Chaurbagh, uses hand block printing on Kala cotton fabrics and is reminiscent of dried flowers collected and kept in between pages of old books. I think you'll fall in love with her designs just like we have.




"Being a student of textiles, I love the hand-loom.  It's more about celebrating the entire process of hand-weaving - and the clothes are actually little stories  about the textiles they are made of."   ~Chinar Farooqui






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