Oceana Collection

I’m really excited about the oceana collection. I’ve been hoarding these pearls and gems for quite sometime waiting for the right energy to move forward on them. Running a web business and having time to sit in the studio can be challenging at times but now I finally have time to fire up the torch and create!

pcover copy.jpg

I love to day dream of pirates and days of living and trading in exotic ports, with pearls as currency… but mostly, I love the ocean and it’s bounty.

These are baroque pearls and are grown Asia, they are known for the variety of beautiful colors that are created by growing the oyster in freshwater. I love them because each pearl is unique in shape and color. The darker the pearl the more value it has (Tahitian black freshwater pearls are one of my favorites). To me they are more beautiful than a traditional perfectly round pearl because they are not perfect and the colors are amazing.