Vintage 70's Diamond Cocktail Ring

Vintage 70's Diamond Cocktail Ring


Designed by renowned jewelry artist Daniel Louis this star studded 14k gold ring, in the shape of a coral reef had plenty of sparkle. With 24 diamonds and a natural star sapphire this ring is sure to be a favorite.


  • Signed by Daniel Louis

  • 14K Gold

  • 8 Full Cut Diamonds .85 Carats

  • 16 Single Cut Melee Diamonds .25 Carats

  • Natural Star Sapphire

  • Size 7

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Daniel Louis was the jeweler at Nordstrom’s flagship department store, located in Seattle. A jeweler for 47 years, he spent 17 of those years at Nordstrom, operating as Daniel Louis Jewelry Art.

His work was widely respected by both his clientele and peers for its creativity and design. At a time when mass production was gaining in popularity, Daniel Louis sought artistic freedom and the opportunity to experiment. He wanted to draw upon his own concepts rather than cater to manufacturing trends. Thus, a family legacy was born.