Pua means flower in the Hawaiian language


At Pua you will find lovely, ethically made clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle products to enhance and beautify your life. We strongly believe in supporting artist handcrafts instead of mass manufactured goods.

 We believe that high quality pieces outlast seasons and trends, and rarely will you find our products on sale.

Shala Daniel is the creative hands, heart and mind behind Pua.  Inspired by shimmering waters and sunlight, she creates and curates beautiful jewelry and clothing reflecting her relaxed, feminine aesthetic.


Shala searches for designers that mirror her ethics and lifestyle, sourcing only well crafted goods with quality and integrity using earth friendly and humane practices. Her mission is to help transform the way people think and move in the world of beauty and adornment, creating change through commerce. 


We hope you have the feeling of being at the beach and       wearing sunshine when you are wearing Pua. 

It's meant to be fun, beautiful and relaxed!


It's always summer at Pua